Launching Graduation Level classes this Year

Our previous academic record is replete with an unmatched excellence and distinguished achievements which demonstrate our entire intentions and preferences.

Our vivid and deliberate intention is to equip the youth with professional expertise so as to make them successful and practical members of the society.
After a long period of strenuous efforts, we have managed to prove our worth in this regard.

Keeping in view the intense need of the hour and the insistent demand of the students, the Institute has taken the vibrant step to launch Graduate classes in the coming months.

We are focusing on the challenges and need for good quality higher education in the entire region.

Initially, we are offering the following degrees:

BS(CS)  - BBA (Hons.) - B. Com (Hons.)

Our Aims:

  • To promote excellence in professional education and to assure the overall quality of Graduate Education.
  • To empower the students with high quality experience so as to enhance their mental faculties as the next generation of scholars and professionals in their chosen discipline.
  • To provide the students with suggested atmosphere for policy making and strategic development.
  • To develop a broad analytical mind that would enhance major intellectual and technological break‐through to ornament the lot of man and society.
  • To infuse in them a broader outlook, resoluteness, and enthusiasm to reach the apex of career without any risk of impediment.
  • To accommodate the aspirants of professional education in a serene, sophisticated, comfortable and conducive environment in the galaxy of high profiled, devoted and experienced Faculty Members.
  • To facilitate the creative ideas in order to enhance the research spirit among the learners.
  • To plan scientific/educational man‐power with profundity of learning and research ability to hold positions in Research Organizations, Industry, Management and Universities.

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