Free Summer Camp

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Summer camp plays a pivotal role for the best utilization of student’s free time after Matriculation Examination. The students availing themselves of this golden opportunity also get familiar with teaching methods of the teachers, intricate aspects of the syllabus and the entire academic environment of the institution. Summer camp provides the students with an ample opportunity to form the front-ground of the preparation of their studies.

Keeping in view the essential requirement, the Nishat College of Science has commended Free Summer Camp.

  1. Highly qualified and experienced faculty has been engaged to provide the updates knowledge on the concerned subjects.
  2. Air conditioned environment in the lecture theaters has been provided.
  3. Effective and persuasive lectures with Multimedia Aids are being delivered.
  4. The faculty focuses its entire attention on solving the complicated segments of the syllabus faced by the students.
  5. Arts subjects are also being taught during this camp.
  6. The completion of 40% syllabus is being made possible during summer camp.
  7. Daily tests are being conducted to evaluate the learning performance of the students and the progress reports are being delivered in an accurate time.
  8. Parent teacher meetings are being conducted to discuss the academic performance of the students.
  9. Sports events and other co-curricular activities are also being held during the summer camp.
  10. One day recreational and informative trip is being held during this academic session.

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