Rules And Regulations

We hope that the students of The Nishat Group of Schools And College students will surely develop the habit of discipline. They will not conduct(behave) in a manner (way) which may interfere with the studies, convenience of the fellow students, and may injure the feelings of others. It is a fact that genuine courtesy, mutual consideration and cooperation can make social life truly pleasant.

Certain rules and regulations are hereby laid down for strict compliance:

  1. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the Campus premises.
  2. As soon as the bell rings, it’s mandatory for the students to be in the lecture theatre. Any noise or chatting will not be allowed in the lecture theatres.
  3. In recess, the students may sit peacefully in the cafeteria, library, students lounge, TV room and sports room.
  4. Chalking /writing on Campus walls, pillars or at any place of the premises is totally banned.
  5. The students are not allowed to damage furniture, fans, switches, window-panes, planters or any of the assets of the Campus. Plucking flowers is also prohibited.
  6. Admittance in the Principal’s office or in the teacher’s lounge is not allowed without permission.
  7. No friends or visitors will be allowed during class hours.
  8. Formation of any group/union is totally and strictly banned.
  9. No electric installations should be tampered with.
  10. Removal of furniture from one place to another is not allowed.
  11. Rooms must be kept clean and tidy. No student is allowed to drive nails into the walls or to disfigure anything in the Campus or lecture theatre.
  12. Students are not allowed to leave the Campus premises without prior permission of the Principal.
  13. Students are not allowed to keep or bring with them the following:-
    1. Cordless, Transistor Radio, Tape-Recorder, Walkman set or any electric appliances.
    2. Un-authorized medicines/drugs.
    3. Political Literature
    4. A large sum of money or valuables.
    5. Weapon of any kind.
    6. Cigarettes, narcotics in any form.
    7. Explosive/Combustible materials.
  14. The Campus Authorities will not be responsible for any theft or loss of valuables of the students in the Campus.
  15. Complaint against any staff member / servant may be made to the Principal or recorded in the Register specified for complaints & suggestions.
  16. The students who are found guilty of the following offences are liable to be expelled from the Campus.
    1. Cheating, lying, stealing, gambling and immoral conduct
    2. Willfully and deliberately damaging the Campus property
    3. Keeping fire-arms/knives etc
    4. Rudeness to Staff/misbehaviour of parents to the Staff Members
    5. Long absence from the class or absenting oneself from the Campus activities
    6. Being habitually unpunctual and untidy
    7. Constantly poor performance in academics
    8. An act of indiscipline/misconduct
    9. Religious, political or sectarian speeches/activities
  17. It is compulsory for all the students of the Campus to come to the Campus in proper and complete uniform. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to enter the Campus premises.
  18. The students of the Campus will have to abide by all the instructions issued by the Principal from time to time. In case of disobedience, they can be expelled from the Campus.
  19. The Principal will sanction leave only for six days in special cases. In case of more than six days leave, the matter will be referred to the Discipline Committee.
  20. 80% attendance is compulsory for a student to appear in the Terminal Examination / BISE Examination.
  21. Absence from Campus test / practical or failure in these tests will disqualify the student from appearing in BISE Examination, and will cause student’s withdrawal from the Campus.
  22. The students absenting themselves from the Campus for the whole day or in any period without prior permission of the Principal will be fined accordingly.
  23. The students who fail in the 9th / 1st year class can be expelled from the Campus.
  24. All the students are required to be regular and punctual. In case of leave, written application from the student or parents is essentially required.
  25. The students who want leave on medical grounds will have to attach sufficient proof with the application.
  26. Students are strictly advised to use safety helmets while driving motorcycles.
  27. Students are not allowed to challenge any decision made by the Administration or Committees in any Court of Law.