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Principal's Message

An under graduate education is one of the most important investments a student will make. I am committed to ensure you that Nishat College of Science for Girls provides the best possible educational experience for every student. Our college delivers the quality education that others can only promise. Our state of art campus has spacious multimedia equipped classrooms, fully equipped labs, a well-stocked library and a vast sports hall to meet all the requirements of the students. We have not only provided the best infrastructure to our students but also a team of dedicated and experienced administrative and academic staff. 

We believe that the role of a College is not only to enable academic excellence but also to motivate and empower its students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers and productive member of ever changing global society. Our pedagogical techniques, testing and evaluation system, and a continuous coordination with parents ensure the success of the students. It is our responsibility as educators to nurture and develop every pupil to prepare them for life.

As the Principal of Nishat College of Science for Girls I believe that it is my responsibility to maintain and to continue to build a supportive and collaborative spirit at our college.

Thank you for considering us at this key point in your educational development. We look forward to counting you among Nishat’s successes.



Shazia Mehboob


Arshad Shaikh

Director Admin's Message

Nishat College of Science for Girls is a renowned and prestigious institution of the city of Multan, which provides ample opportunities along with a value based wholesome quality education to nurture the inner potentials of every child.

With the help of multimedia equipped classrooms and well-resourced science and computer labs, we can satisfy and nurture the methodical instinct of young scholars and learners.

I feel extremely happy and privileged to be part of this magnificent educational institution and gratefully acknowledge the service of my dedicated Teachers & Staff. We give ample of opportunities to our students to seek out that education, discover the truth and also to remember to use it well.

I welcome you all to this great institution of higher learning and assure you of a nurturing and caring environment that will see all of you blossom into empowered and sensitive human beings.

Wish you all the best…!


Director Admin

Arshad Shaikh

Our Services

We offer a broad range of services for small and large projects

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Why Nishat?

· Highly motivated and congenial environment based on educational experience of thirty eight years

· Implementation of the Institute's motto "Dedication to Excellence and Commitment to Quality"

· Well‐lit, airy, multi‐media equipped spacious and capacious lecture theaters

· Qualified, competent and highly trained professional faculty to prune and trim the pebbles into diamonds

· Character and career counseling in a friendly environment

· Strengthening facilities, resources and services to provide a stimulating environment conducive to personal growth and learning

· Testing and evaluation based system comprising weekly, monthly and terminal examinations

· Checking and re‐checking of papers by the experts and their return in time to the students for the better assessment of students’ eligibility

· Regular delivery of progress reports to parents on weekly and monthly basis

· Parent‐teacher meeting regarding the educational performance of the students

· Personal attention of the teachers especially towards the students showing poor performance in the tests

· Recreational and informative trips to various parts of the country

· Get‐togethers, celebrations, festivals, and events held after every six months

· Firmly committed to the economic, social, scientific and cultural development of Pakistan

· Recruiting and retaining qualified faculty and supporting their development

· Expanding opportunities for professional and social interaction within the Institute

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Lecture Theaters

Effective learning is only possible in the Lecture Theaters where the environment is conducive. Classrooms in Nishat College of Science for Girls have been designed and constructed keeping in view all the aspects of teaching learning process. Each Lecture Theater accommodates strength of 40 students. All the Lecture Theaters are super cute, cheery, well decorated, capacious, airy and well-lit.

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For the research and development in science and technology, laboratories play an effective role. The Administration of Nishat College of Science has made a huge investment on the laboratories. Labs have been positioned in the Campus to meet all the requirements of intermediate, and BS courses in various disciplines. Latest imported equipment has been placed to provide high quality research facility to the student as well the Faculty Members.

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Our Traditional as well as digital library is another distinctive feature of this Campus. To meet every need of the students, Nishat College of Science has established a library which has the capacity to contain all the latest and the best curriculum related books, journals and relevant material. Apart from curriculum, the library has been planned to contain the best collection of famous national and international authors. The library is divided in various sections like curriculum and reference books, historical books and encyclopedias, literary books and Adab Corner. The library boasts its own video and audio reference corner to facilitate the students regarding curriculum. All the recorded audio lectures will be available in the audio corner. Latest magazines, daily news papers, journals, and research papers will also be available. Digital library will be established in the near future.

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Indoor & Outdoor Games

Sports, games and exercise are an integral part of the students' physical and mental development. Keeping in mind that students require to be provided extraordinary sports and exercise facilities, indoor sports facilities like table tennis and badminton has been specified so that the students may spend their leisure to entertain and amuse themselves. For outdoor games, play grounds are in provision.

power backup

Power Backup

Nishat College of science has heavy duty generators so that the students may not suffer the agony caused by load shedding. The facility of Uninterrupted Power Supply enables the students to continue their academic pursuits without any fear of hindrance.


A vast area inside and outside the campus building is available to meet the parking needs of the students, Faculty Members as well as visitors.

Security & Surveillance

Now-a-days, security is a serious concern for everyone. That is why vigilant, powerful and visionary administration of Nishat college of Science has taken concrete steps in this regard. The most advanced security system comprising 50 CCTV cameras has been installed to cover each and every corner of the campus including entrance and exit with an intention to monitor the activities of all kinds round the clock. A professional security staff comprising twelve vigilant individuals is always alert with an intention to ensure security.

Academic System

We build the real value

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Teaching Strategies

At Nishat College, different teaching strategies are exercised like group discussions, educational activities, emphasis on writing skills, working on science projects, research skills building and knowledge & ideas sharing, use of Multimedia Audio Visual aid to deliver lectures. Key skills and different educational techniques are exercised in various classes to enable the students to proceed towards the level of comprehension and competence. In an English medium institute, it is compulsory to make the student speak English fluently and unhesitatingly in the presence of his teachers and other fellow students.

Free Summer Camp

Summer camp plays a pivotal role for the best utilization of student’s free time after Matriculation Examination. The students availing themselves of this golden opportunity also get familiar with teaching methods of the teachers, intricate aspects of the syllabus and the entire academic environment of the institution. Summer camp provides the students with an ample opportunity to form the front-ground of the preparation of their studies.

Entry test

Entry Test Department

Nishat College of Science has taken vibrant steps to launch an Entry Test Department to ensure the brilliant success of the students. The department comprises highly qualified, high‐profiled, devoted, committed and experienced faculty, whose entire intention is towards the preparation of Entry Test. Entry Test System will continue parallel to the traditional test system of Intermediate. One Great News! Nishat Publications has now launched its self‐made Entry Test Course material. Our worthy and highly expert authors have written up Entry Test Books for ECAT MDCAT These books include pre‐tests, skill exams, module exams and final exams. Nishat publications are being practiced at Lahore and highly acknowledged, recommended and endorsed by an educational sector throughout. Moreover, Entry Test preparations will be sustained under the observation of highly professional Faculty Members who will counsel students’ minds to choose for them a better pathway.


Graduation Level Classes

Our previous academic record is replete with an unmatched excellence and distinguished achievements which demonstrate our entire intentions and preferences. Our vivid and deliberate intention is to equip the youth with professional expertise so as to make them successful and practical members of the society. After a long period of strenuous efforts, we have managed to prove our worth in this regard. Keeping in view the intense need of the hour and the insistent demand of the students, the Institute has taken the vibrant step to launch Graduate classes in the coming months. We are focusing on the challenges and need for good quality higher education in the entire region. Initially, we are offering the following degrees: BS(CS) - BBA (Hons.) - B. Com (Hons.)

Functions and Events

In the yearly activity calendar, special place has been given to functions and events. Every year sports festival, welcome and farewell parties and musical nights, concerts, bone fire are arranged for the students’ recreation

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Sports Festival

We offer form partial up to general reconstruction works

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Spring Festival

During Spring season , Spring festival is arranged. In this event, students get the opportunity to show their talent on stage by performing live in the presence of hundreds of viewers. Students participate in dramas, folk dances, cultural activities and comedy-skits, etc.

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Welcome Dinner

In order to show respect and sisterhood to the new 1st year class, 2nd year class students give welcome dinner to them in their honour. This is the event in which along with dinner, students show their talent in the field of drama, comedy and other stage performance which is very entertaining. Both students and teachers enjoy this event.


Parent's Day

Parent’s day held every four years is considered to be the prime function under the keen supervision of Madam Nishat Khanum. Everything, from decoration of school to the training of the students in different events, is done to the level of perfection. Students along with their parents from all the branches are invited to watch this beautiful and well organized event. On this occasion, real gold and silver medals were awarded to the students who stood first or got positions in school and in BISE examinations during last four years.



Excursions are considered to be an integral part of the academic activities of the students. They cause refreshment, amusement and real bliss during the strenuous routines of the students. They expose the horizons of knowledge and recreation by breaking the monotonous routines and melancholic hours of the students. Keeping in view all this, The Nishat Group of Schools and Colleges has stepped forward in commencing this sumptuous tradition. Students are taken to different historical and hilly areas for study and recreational visits.