Sports Festival

Sports festival is a very grand and colorful event of sports in which hundreds of students of different branches participate in different games like cricket, football, table tennis, badminton, tug of war, 100 meter race, sack race and frog race etc. Students are divided into two camps i.e., The Nishatian Eagles and The Nishatian Tigers. The Winner of the two teams is awarded with shields, and the runner-up gets the medals.

During these matches, school is decorated with colorful banners, ribbons and balloons. Music is played along with live commentary. If somebody plays well, drummers are present in the ground to appreciate the winning team. In a nutshell, everybody enjoys this event.

Summer Festival

Before summer holidays, summer festival is arranged. In this event, students get the opportunity to show their talent on stage by performing live in the presence of hundreds of students. Some participate in dramas, and others in folk dances and comedy-scripts etc.

The intensity and quality of function can clearly be understood by the comments of some of our distinguished guests.

“I’ve studied in many prestigious schools and also studied abroad but I’ve to say that I’ve never seen such a wonderful show of talent on stage as shown by the Nishatians today.”

Mother’s Day

Mother’s day held every four years is considered to be the prime function under the keen supervision of Madam Nishat Khanum. Everything, from decoration of school to the training of the students in different events, is done to the level of perfection. Students along with their parents from all the branches are invited to watch this beautiful and well organized event.

Imran Khan

“I’ve studied in many prestigious schools and also studied abroad but I’ve to say that I’ve never seen such a wonderful show of talent on stage as shown by the Nishatians today.”

Kamran Lashari (Director PHA Islamabad)

“After having watched the amazing performance of students today, I’ll be going home very happily with the feeling that the future of this country is very bright.”

Iftikhar Babar (DCO Multan)

“After having a glimpse of the arrangement, discipline, and performance of students today, now, I wonder why it takes you four years to arrange this kind of function.”

Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo (Chief Minister Punjab)

I’m much impressed by the performance and talent of the Nishatians. Who performed quite confidently and magnificently on the stage. I wish I were a Nishatian to be on the stage like others!

Syed Muhammad Ali Gardezi (Commissioner Multan)

What a fantabulous and marvelous performance of the Nishatians I have witnessed! I highly appreciate the untiring efforts of Madam Nishat who has enriched the talent of these gems to such an extent.

Farooq Qaiser (Director, Producer and Script Writer)

Madam Sahiba! After having watched the performance of your talented students, I don’t want to show my performance as it may ruin the taste of the audience.”

Tariq Aziz (Famous PTV Host)

The Nishatians are gifted with unique talent, confidence and unmatched performance. I’ve hosted various stage shows but I’ve never seen such an outstanding and versatile show performed by the Nishatians throughout my life.

Real gold and silver medals were awarded to the students who stood first or got positions in school and in BISE examinations during last four years.

Farewell Dinner

In order to show respect and brotherhood to the outgoing 10th class, 9th class students give farewell dinner to the outgoing 10th class in their honor. This is the event in which along with dinner, students show their talent in the field of drama, comedy and other stage performance which is very entertaining. Both students and teachers enjoy this event.


Excursions are considered to be an integral part of the academic activities of the students. They cause refreshment, amusement and real bliss during the strenuous routines of the students. They expose the horizons of knowledge and recreation by breaking the monotonous routines and melancholic hours of the students. Keeping in view all this, The Nishat Group of Schools and Colleges has stepped forward in commencing this sumptuous tradition. Students are taken to different historical and hilly areas for study and recreation visits.

Flower Show (Jashan-e-Baharan)

The Nishat Group of Schools and Colleges actively participates in Jashan-e-Baharan event organized by The District Government Multan, and always wins special prizes among all the participants. In this event, the students of The Nishat Group of Schools and Colleges decorate their stalls with beautiful flower arrangements and other handmade characters in a very artistic way which clearly reflects our culture. Hundreds of people visit our flower show and appreciate the efforts of the institute and the students.

Science Exhibition

The Nishat Group of Schools and Colleges also makes arrangements for science exhibitions in its campuses in which hundreds of students participate. They come up with different and unique ideas, and make models related to different fields of science such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science. Parents are also invited to this function to watch the performance of their child and other students. They appreciate and applaud the efforts of the students and the administration of The Nishat Group of Schools and Colleges.