Nishat Entry Test

Nishat College of Science has taken vibrant steps to launch an Entry Test Department to ensure the brilliant success of the students. The department comprises highly qualified, high‐profiled, devoted, committed and experienced faculty, whose entire intention is towards the preparation of Entry Test. Entry Test System will continue parallel to the traditional test system of Intermediate.

One Great News! Nishat Publications has now launched its self‐made Entry Test Course material. Our worthy and highly expert authors have written up Entry Test Books for

  • ECAT
  • MCAT

These books include pre‐tests, skill exams, module exams and final exams. Nishat publications are being practiced at Lahore and highly acknowledged, recommended and endorsed by an educational sector throughout. Moreover, Entry Test preparations will be sustained under the observation of highly professional Faculty Members who will counsel students’ minds to choose for them a better pathway.

Entry Test System will continue parallel to the traditional test system of the Intermediate. Preparation of researched based item bank of every subject is a regular phenomenon of Entry Test Department. Through the philosophical involvement of the faculty, the students will be enabled to inculcate the profound concepts relating to subjects during their regular academic session.

Through the research oriented material, the students will be provided with short cut methods, clues and tactics to consolidate their concepts about the concerned subjects and to attempt 100% MCQs within the allowed time in the Entry Test.

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