parents responsibilities

Parent’s Responsibilities

The administration of The Nishat Group of Schools and Colleges strongly advocates the responsibilities of the parents in overall grooming of the students. There are certain things that parents should observe keenly about their child.

  • Parents must keep an eye on the Company of their child he/she keeps.
  • Parents must observe the timings at which their child plays, studies and goes out with the friends.
  • Parents should keep in touch with the teachers and coordinators to discuss their child’s progress and performance in the class.
  • Parents must cooperate with the administration if any complaint from institute is forwarded to parents through mail or phone call regarding poor performance or conduct of their child with teachers and other fellow students.
  • Parents should pay the dues on time.
  • Parents should come personally if they want short leave for their child.
  • Parents should ensure that the child leaves home fully dressed in proper uniform.
  • Parents should be well versed with the rules and regulations of the institution.
  • Parents should encourage the child to worship Allah.
  • Parents should respect teachers and other staff members.


In a nut shell, if both the parents and teachers join hands with each other, it will be extremely beneficial for the overall grooming and future of their child.

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