The Nishat Group of Schools & Colleges has a very strong inspection system. It is divided into two groups.

Internal Inspection

  • Re-checkers & Super re-checkers inspect the material taught in the class by the class teachers.
  • Academic Coordinators play a vital role in internal inspection. They are properly trained & experienced for this purpose. It is their duty to submit the report of daily performance of the teachers at the end of each day.
  • At the end, The Principal super-checks the work of the class teachers, checkers, helpers, re-checkers, and even the coordinators’ performance is also inspected.

External Inspection

The Director forms an Inspection Team by his own. The team is authorized to inspect any Branch at any time.

It is the duty of the team to present the actual report on the basis of facts and figures in order to ensure the quality of education.

academic system

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