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Arif Javaid

Principal's Message

It is a matter of extreme pride and pleasure for me to head one of Nishat Schools which is the prestigious and record bearing Institution. Past record of twenty years of my experience bears witness that I have always been alive to curricular and extra‐curricular activities of the students. Study concentrated atmosphere, discipline and character building of the students are hallmarks of this Institution of which I am proud. In the inference, consecutive positions in the board are the herald of my attention. Matchless and unprecedented educational atmosphere, the employment of highly qualified, highly experienced teachers imbued with the passion of imparting quality education is a distinctive feature of the Institution.

Ideally located building has become the supreme result oriented Institution. Consequently, a student after completing his studies from here performs matchlessly in professional institutions and earns good name to his mother institution. Conduction of regular lectures and continuation of tests is the hub and nub of my labour for which I always remain vigilant and alive. It is imperative on me to be innovative to escalate education standard and improvise the traditional education and in this regard, new ideas are always appreciated.

The recognition of performance from the Chief Minister Punjab, His Highness; Mian M. Shahbaz Sharif is the remarkable landmark of my endeavors. It is an undeniable fact that the plant which highly honourable Madam Nishat Khanum planted, Chief Executive , Mr. Alamgir Khan watered and assigned me to grow it further; has become a thick shady tree for the knowledge seekers.
May this Institution run successfully and become the torch bearer for the generations to come!

Arif Hussain Javaid

Branch Overview

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warm & Caring

Warm & Caring Start

Nishat Boys High School provides a wonderful education for pupils. Children achieve academically but yet are nurtured and recognized for their own unique talents. Special attention is given to the students of all the classes. They are taught with a novel and interesting techniques to sharpen their inclination towards studies. Nishat Boys High School offers children a secure environment in which they are made capable to learn and socially develop at their individual pace. “We teach individuals and not classes” is the ethos of Nishat Group and this philosophy has its roots firmly embedded in our School.


Innovating Teaching to Engage Young Minds

Nishat Boys High School is housed in a purpose built building designed specifically for quality education. The classrooms boast the latest teaching resources and the designated environmental / activity area has been designed to create a wonderful learning environment for all the children in the School. We value the importance of indoor learning enormously, and the children are highly encouraged to explore their talent and instinctive inclination with utmost serenity and tranquility of mind. The School also boasts an outdoor adventure playing area as well.

learning env

The Learning Environment

Once you get inside the secure school perimeter, you can appreciate in full the school's setting. With nearly 6 kanals of land and a covered area of 100,000 sq ft., we possess adventure play areas, an environmental/activity area, two auditoriums equipped with interactive whiteboards & other necessary audio visual aids and several sitting places. The classrooms are bright, super cute, cheery and beautifully designed whilst the walls are decorated with inspiring displays of creativity.

Academic System

A student’ performance is measured through different scales like class work, homework, round tests, terminal & annual examinations. Surprise class tests are the basic components of our assessment system to assess and encourage the hidden capabilities of the students. Homework is considered to be the backbone of Assessment System as it promotes the students’ capabilities of doing task assigned by utilizing their creative skills in an organized way. Quiz programs are also organized to check the students’ I.Q. level and their approach towards academic syllabus. Round tests are also conducted to prepare the students for terminal examinations. Syllabus is divided into different segments among all the round tests. Students are promoted to next class on their achieved passing percentage (50% in each subject). In annual examinations, top three position holders are rewarded with merit certificates along with the trophies and prizes while other top ten students are rewarded with different kinds of prizes. In regular terminal examinations, top ten students are rewarded with different kinds of prizes. Students always remain very conscious of the kind of prize given in every terminal examination for which they work very hard.


Attendance Reports

Monthly attendance reports are given to each and every student, and the students are asked to get them signed necessarily by their parents. The main purpose of this exercise is to make sure that students don’t bluff their parents by absenting themselves from the campus and to develop a sense of responsibility and awareness regarding attendance among them. This report clearly shows the attendance percentage of the students. In this way, parents are informed of the regularity of their child every month.

Home Assignments

Home Assignments

Homework plays a vital role in upgrading the students’ abilities and capabilities. Homework is based on classwork so that the students may complete their task easily on their own at home. Assigned homework of all the subjects is divided equally in the working days of the week. The homework of English, Urdu and Mathematics is assigned on daily basis while the homework of other subjects is assigned on alternate days. Parents can easily have a view of syllabus / classwork covered through home task assigned, and can help their child in learning the material.

internal inspection

Internal Inspection

• Re-checkers & Super re-checkers inspect the material taught in the class by the class teachers. • Academic Coordinators play a vital role in internal inspection. They are properly trained & experienced for this purpose. It is their prior duty to submit the report of daily performance of the teachers to the Principal at the end of each day. • In the end, the Principal super-checks the work of the class teachers, checkers, helpers, re-checkers, Super re-checkers, and even the coordinators’ performance is also inspected keenly.

academic system

External Inspection

The Director forms an Inspection Team on his own. The team is authorized to inspect any Branch at any time. It is the premier duty of the team to present the actual report on the basis of facts and figures in order to ensure the quality of education.


Progress Reports

Progress of a child is the result of collective efforts of the teachers as well as of the parents. Institute bears the responsibility to make the parents informed of the progress of their child. Every result of terminal examinations is checked and signed by the Chief Executive, and then progress reports are given to the students to get them signed necessarily by their parents. Solved answer sheets are also given back to the students to let them know their mistakes and causes of failure. Parents can easily approach the teachers and administration by visiting Campus Office during the Campus timings to discuss the academic condition of their child. Progress reports are to be signed and returned by the parents/guardians within two days from the date of issuance.


Round /Grand Test Reports

Round /Grand Tests are given before the terminal examinations to prepare the students for them. Since these tests are at gross root level, students get an ample opportunity to ask questions about different topics during the revision of the assigned syllabus. The result cards of the Round / Grand Tests are mailed directly to the parents so that they may observe the performance of their child in the class on regular basis.

teaching strat

Teaching Strategies

At Nishat Boys High School, different teaching strategies are exercised like group discussions, educational activities, emphasis on writing skills, working on science projects, research skills building and knowledge & ideas sharing. Key skills and different educational techniques are exercised in various classes to enable the students to proceed towards the level of comprehension and competence. In an English medium institute, it is compulsory to make the student speak English fluently and unhesitatingly in the presence of his teachers and other fellow students. If the students feel reluctance in speaking English confidently, parents are required to provide them with friendly environment to promote and enrich their spoken skills.


Parent Teacher Meeting

Every child’s achievements are celebrated through individual learning journals which monitor each child’s progress and are shared with parents on a regular basis. Parents play a vital role in the education of their child. Strong communication link between parents and teachers is of key importance if children are to reach their true potential. Parent teacher meeting is one of the prominent features of the academic activities of the institute. This activity is frequently exercised specially during the round tests and terminal examinations. During these meetings, the parents get informed of the academic performance of their kids. Their drawbacks in performance are vividly discussed during these meetings. Various strategies are devised in this regard by both the teachers and the parents. The consistent link between the teachers and the parents makes the students utterly involved in their studies. This frequent process has positive and productive effect on the students by making them alert, responsible and profoundly involved in their studies. Meetings are arranged in a quite serene environment with sumptuous high-tea.

special comm

Special Communication with Parents

In the most exceptional circumstances, parents can contact the relevant coordinator to arrange an individual Parent Teacher meeting during and after the school hours. We hold special parent consultations and the teacher is readily available at other times if the need arises to discuss their child. The Administration of Nishat Boys High School strongly suggests that parents must benefit this facility by discussing the academic condition of their child which will definitely prove helpful to the parents, the teachers and the students. All of the three main concerned parties get a good opportunity to understand each other, and with mutual coordination, parents and teachers can remove any shortcomings which a student is facing in the class.

Campus Facilities



Effective learning is only possible in the class rooms where the environment is conducive. Classrooms in Nishat Boys High School have been designed and constructed keeping in view all the aspects of teaching learning process. Each classroom accommodates strength of 40 students. All the classrooms are super cute, cheery, well decorated, capacious, airy and well-lit.



For the research and development in science and technology, laboratories play an effective role. The Administration of Nishat Boys High School has made a huge investment on the laboratories. Labs have been positioned in the Campus to meet all the requirements of Matriculation Level courses in various disciplines. Latest equipment has been placed to provide high quality research facility to the student as well the Faculty Members.

computer lab

Computer Lab

As a first step in our strategic plan, we have laid the platform for an educational network that shall serve as a vital tool for future educational and research roadmap of Nishat Boys High School. This state-of-the-art Campus is equipped with the latest core i7 - 4th Generation based machines backed with the latest and up to date blade servers. The computer lab can accommodate 50 students at a time on wired network; Wi-Fi facility is also available there.

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.”


Our library is another distinctive feature of this Campus. To meet every need of the students, Nishat Boys High School has established a library which has the capacity to contain all the latest and the best curriculum related books, journals and relevant material. Apart from curriculum, the library has been planned to contain the best collection of famous national and international authors. The library is divided in various sections like curriculum and reference books, historical books and encyclopedias, literary books and Adab Corner. Latest magazines, daily news papers, journals, and research papers will also be available. Digital library will be established in the near future.



For the personality development and confidence boosting activities of the students, an auditorium plays a key role. Nishat Boys High School cannot overlook this important facet of School life. A modern, versatile auditorium with the capacity of one hundred seats and Hi‐tech audio visual aids has been built. It has also the facility of international teleconferencing.

Multipurpose hall

Multi-Purpose Crush Hall

For the personality development and confidence boosting activities of the students like extra-curricular activities, get togethers, seminars, functions, indoor games, the Campus has a very large, modern-most and versatile Multi-Purpose Crush Hall with the capacity of five hundred seats.


Play Area

Keeping in view the students’ physical activities and mental refreshment, a specific space as play area has been allocated. In this area, the students play and enjoy themselves during their recess time and leisure

drinking water

Drinking Water

Deep well turbines have been installed in the school so that the students may enjoy clean and healthy drinking water. Electric water coolers with purification filters have also been installed to facilitate the students with pure, filtered and cool water during the summer season.



Students need a space where they can sit and relax themselves during their spare time. For this purpose, capacious canteens having comfortable seating have been introduced where students can get a variety of nutritious and hygienic food stuff.



To cope with any emergency, the Campus does have the facility of a well-managed dispensary. Trained paramedical staff has been appointed to treat the sick students. Besides this, a complete first-aid kit is also available to facilitate the students in general.



A vast area inside and outside the Campus premises is available to meet the parking needs of the students, Faculty Members as well as visitors.

power backup

Power Backup

Nishat Boys High School has heavy duty generators so that the students may not suffer the agony caused by load shedding. The facility of Uninterrupted Power Supply enables the students to continue their academic pursuits without any fear of hindrance.


Security & Surveillance

Now-a-days, security is a serious concern for everyone. That is why vigilant, powerful and visionary administration of Nishat Boys High School has taken concrete steps in this regard. The most advanced security system comprising 50 CCTV cameras has been installed to cover each and every corner of the Campus including entrance and exit with an intention to monitor the activities of all kinds round the clock. A professional security staff comprising twelve vigilant individuals is always alert with an intention to ensure security.


We build the real value


Sports Festival

Sports festival is a very grand and colorful event of sports in which hundreds of students of different branches participate in different games like cricket, football, table tennis, badminton, tug of war, 100 meter race, sack race and frog race, etc. Students are divided into two camps i.e., The Nishatian Eagles and The Nishatian Tigers. The Winner of the two teams is awarded with shields while the runner-up gets the medals.

During these matches, the School is decorated with colorful banners, ribbons, buntings and balloons. Music is played along with live commentary. If somebody plays well, drummers start beating drums loudly to appreciate the winning team. In a nutshell, everybody enjoys this event.

summer festival

Summer Festival

Before summer holidays, summer festival is arranged. In this event, students get the opportunity to show their talent on stage by performing live in the presence of hundreds of viewers. Students participate in dramas, folk dances and comedy-skits, etc.


Mother’s Day

Mother’s day held every four years is considered to be the prime function under the keen supervision of Madam Nishat Khanum. Everything, from decoration of school to the training of the students in different events, is done to the level of perfection. Students along with their parents from all the branches are invited to watch this beautiful and well organized event. On this occasion, real gold and silver medals were awarded to the students who stood first or got positions in school and in BISE examinations during last four years.


Farewell Dinner

In order to show respect and brotherhood to the outgoing 10th class, 9th class students give farewell dinner to them in their honour. This is the event in which along with dinner, students show their talent in the field of drama, comedy and other stage performance which is very entertaining. Both students and teachers enjoy this event.


Flower Show

The Nishat Group of Schools and Colleges actively participates in Jashan-e-Baharan event organized by The District Government Multan, and always wins special prizes among all the participants. In this event, the students of The Nishat Group of Schools and Colleges decorate their stalls with beautiful flower arrangements and other handmade characters in a very artistic way which clearly reflects our culture. Hundreds of people visit our flower show and appreciate the efforts of the institute and the students.


Science Exhibition

The Nishat Group of Schools and Colleges also makes arrangements for science exhibitions in its campuses in which hundreds of students participate. They come up with different and unique ideas, and make models related to different fields of science such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science. Parents are also invited to this event to watch the performance of their child and other students. They appreciate and applaud the efforts of the students and the administration of the Nishat Group of Schools and Colleges.



Excursions are considered to be an integral part of the academic activities of the students. They cause refreshment, amusement and real bliss during the strenuous routines of the students. They expose the horizons of knowledge and recreation by breaking the monotonous routines and melancholic hours of the students. Keeping in view all this, The Nishat Group of Schools and Colleges has stepped forward in commencing this sumptuous tradition. Students are taken to different historical and hilly areas for study and recreational visits.

Our Administration Team

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Name: Muhammad Jameel
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Coordinator: Class 4 and Class 5

Faheem Khan

Name: Muhammad Faheem Khan
Mobile: 0302-8494154
Coordinator: Class 6

Ayyaz Mehmood

Name: Muhammad Ayyaz Mahmood
Mobile: 0342-7496338
Coordinator: Class 7

Ali Raza

Name: Muhammad Ali Raza
Mobile: 0300-0204849
Coordinator: Class 8


Name: Muhammad Zulqarnain Haider
Mobile: 0300-7305387
Coordinator: Class 9

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