Facilities at Our Campuses

We build the real value!


Effective learning is only possible in the class rooms where the environment is conducive. Classrooms have been designed and constructed keeping in view all the aspects of teaching learning process. All the classrooms are super cute, cheery, well decorated, capacious, airy and well-lit.


For the research and development in science and technology, laboratories play an effective role. The Administration of Nishat has made a huge investment on the laboratories. Labs have been positioned in the Campuses to meet all the requirements of students in various disciplines. Latest equipment has been placed to provide high quality research facility to the student as well the Faculty Members.

Computer Labs

As a first step in our strategic plan, we have laid the platform for an educational network that shall serve as a vital tool for future educational and research roadmap of Nishat Group. Our Computer labs are equipped with the latest core i7 - 4th Generation based machines backed with the latest and up to date blade servers.


“There is no friend as loyal as a book.”


Our library is another distinctive feature of this Campus. To meet every need of the students, Nishat Boys High School has established a library which has the capacity to contain all the latest and the best curriculum related books, journals and relevant material.

Teacher's Lounges

For effective and efficient performance of a fertile brain it is necessary to provide a soothing atmosphere. Keeping in view the fact the Nishat administration has especially designed a teacher lounge where teachers can relax and refresh themselves in their free time.

HOD Offices

Faculty members are the most important asset for any institute. They are an integral part of the team which leads any institute to the peak of success. Keeping their importance in view the organization has arranged separate cabins for HODs and meeting rooms where they can indulge themselves into fruitful discussion with faculty & Students for immediate resolution of issues faced by the students.

Student's Lounges, Cafeteria and Canteens

Students need a space where they can sit & relax to refresh themselves during their free time. For this purpose a capacious cafeteria & student lounge, having comfortable seats, has been designed to provide a variety of nutritious and hygienic food stuff.

TV Lounge

Importance of electronic media can never be negated. Having provided all the other facilities in the Campus, the Administration of Nishat College of Science decided to make available a TV Room so that the students could be kept aware of the latest and updated information about the current affairs and sports events round the globe.

Indoor & Outdoor Games

Sports and games, exercise is an integral part of a students' physical and mental development. Keeping in mind that students require to be provided extraordinary sports and exercise facilities an indoor games room consisting of table tennis, snooker and billiard is in place. For outdoor games a lawn and basket ball court is in provision.


For the personality development and confidence boosting activities of the students, an auditorium plays a key role. Nishat Boys High School cannot overlook this important facet of School life. A modern, versatile auditorium with the capacity of one hundred seats and Hi‐tech audio visual aids has been built.

Multi-Purpose Halls

For the personality development and confidence boosting activities of the students like extra-curricular activities, get togethers, seminars, functions, indoor games, the Campus has a very large, modern-most and versatile Multi-Purpose Hall with the capacity of five hundred seats and hi-tech audio visual aids.


Nishat Boys High School has big play-grounds where students love to play during break time, and various sports activities are also performed regularly in these grounds. One of the most important sports events is “Sports Festival” which is celebrated in the month of March every year.

Play Areas

Keeping in view the students’ physical activities and mental refreshment, a specific space as play area has been allocated. In this area, the students play on swings and rides and enjoy themselves during their recess time and leisure.

Drinking Water

Deep well turbines have been installed in the school so that the students may enjoy clean and healthy drinking water. Electric water coolers with purification filters have also been installed to facilitate the students with pure, filtered and cool water during the summer season.


To cope with any emergency, the Campus does have the facility of a well-managed dispensary. Trained paramedical staff has been appointed to treat the sick students. Besides this, a complete first-aid kit is also available to facilitate the students in general.


A vast area inside and outside the Campus premises is available to meet the parking needs of the students, Faculty Members as well as visitors.

Power Backup

Nishat Boys High School has heavy duty generators so that the students may not suffer the agony caused by load shedding. The facility of Uninterrupted Power Supply enables the students to continue their academic pursuits without any fear of hindrance.

Security and Surveillance

The most advanced security system comprising 50 CCTV cameras has been installed to cover each and every corner of the Campus including entrance and exit with an intention to monitor the activities of all kinds round the clock. A professional security staff comprising twelve vigilant individuals is always alert with an intention to ensure security.


The Campus boasts its own Hostel facility within its premises for accommodating the students coming from remote areas and outside the Multan city. The hostel rooms are designed in a manner to give students fully relaxed environment. Homely decorated hostel rooms are airy, commodious and comforting with power backup facility. The hostel dorms consist of 2 beds and large 4 beds. Students are provided with the internet and telephone facilities as well. However, a strong check is kept on the students so as to train them to abide by the rules and regulations of the hostel.