Assessment System

A student’s performance is measured through different scales like class work, homework, round tests, terminal & annual examinations. Surprise class tests are the basic components of our assessment system to assess and encourage the hidden abilities of the students.


Homework is considered to be the backbone of assessment system as it promotes the students’ capabilities of doing assigned task by utilizing their creative skills in an organized way.

Quiz programs are also organized to check students’ I.Q. level and their approach towards academic session / syllabus. Round tests are also conducted to prepare the students for terminal examination. Syllabus is divided into different segments among all the round tests.

The students are promoted to next class on their achieved passing percentage (50% in each subject). In annual examinations, top three position holders are rewarded with merit certificates along with the trophies and prizes while other top ten students are rewarded with different kinds of prizes. In regular terminal examinations, top ten students are rewarded with different kinds of prizes. Students always remain very conscious of the kind of prize given in every terminal examination for which they work very hard.

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